India-How to Unfold Your Lotus

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India-How to Unfold Your Lotus

I’m just back from an artist residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts where I had the privilege and joy of creating art every day, un-interrupted . It seemed a daunting task, at first, as I had no idea what I would create and frankly, my creative juices were a bit rusty after so many years spent tending to my art therapy clients and creating opportunities for community art.

While I dearly love that work and will continue to be an art therapist, I felt it was time to focus on my own inner world. A blank piece of paper, paints, brushes and time, exactly what I had dreamed about. At first my marks were bold and broad, at times tentative. Color beaconed and the amount of choices was overwhelming.

I worried that I would muddy the work, that I had nothing to say, that what would appear on the page would be awkward, unschooled, unappealing. In other words, what I experienced was exactly what I had experienced my students and clients feeling every time they faced that blank page. How could I help myself?

There is an unspoken alchemical process (some call it the ‘muse’), that takes over when one allows ‘creative time’ to unfold, as I was gradually reminded.

The work revealed itself to me, once I allowed this process to happen. It was not what I had planned, which I had to accept, and yet it was entirely new and carried new information (insights) to me. It was a physical, mental, and meditative synergy where paint was the tool and the brush was the extension of this process. I created seven large abstract and semi-abstract paintings and I let them tell my story.

In the end I felt like a humble conduit as the images had their say and I merely witnessed this process as it unfolded.

In February, I will join three esteemed colleagues in Goa India, to watch this process unfold for the participants in our workshop, The Unfolding Lotus.

We will be immersed in the magic of the Indian culture, bathed in the sunlight and gentle landscape of Goa, as we explore our creative processes and share our work with each other.

It will be safe and transformative. I would dearly love for you to join me there. Contact me for more information.

Notes on this World We Live in

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My friend makes cards. Recently she celebrated the opening of her new Letterpress Studio at the Red Dirt Studio in Mt. Rainier, MD. There she was, radiant with her husband and 6 months pregnant with their child. The atmosphere of the opening was festive, family friendly, art splashed  and happy; with food, wine and lots of chatter.

Her cards say things like:

I go visible when you go online,

Please acknowledge receipt of this card on Facebook,

Our lives are not measured in years-Happy Birthday,

This card is to confirm that we have spoken and you now have my contact information,

Again? Happy Birthday.

They are light, radiant, and very much of her generation.

Today, 3 days after the Paris massacres, I find myself thinking a strange thought. Would I send one of her cards to someone in ISIS? Why am I thinking this? I guess it’s because I have been wondering who they are, these young men ( and women and children) who kill like this. Are they brainwashed? Sounds plausible. What kind of lives do they lead? Who are their families, the ones who always deny knowing anything about this? Do they go online? Do they celebrate birthdays? Do they get to have goofy downtime? Is there anything light or quiet or safe or hopeful in their lives?  I don’t deny the oppression, injustice, abuse, hatred and fear that has been their experience. I’m trying not to be reductionist or simplistic. There is much I do not know. There is much one judges from one’s own cultural lens and perspective. I think everyone agrees that killing is not the answer. Here we are in Washington DC, angry that they have targeted us as their ‘soft target’, irate in fact. How dare they?

Do they ever ‘have a nice day’, that cliche we take for granted but which we also repeat? We do live in a bubble, it’s true. People suffer all around us, it’s true. We get through our lives, many of us, trying to do good, to make some lives better. As social workers, therapists, art therapists, community artists, parents, children etc., we are trying. Should we try harder? Should we demand democratic leadership from tyrants and dictators? Where can we go?

On Mondays, I join a dozen co-horts at the White House. We call ourselves, We the People for Sensible Gun Laws, and we engage others in discussions about making our gun laws protective of innocent victims. We use words and while we do not agree with every person who stops by, we do not fight, yell threats or resort to violence. Will we change our country’s stance on firearms? Maybe and maybe not.

We will go to the White House.

My friend will continue to print her cards and people will smile and give them to a friend or loved one, who will smile or laugh in turn. Because, that’s what we do.

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SoulCollage Workshop June 19th and 20th 2015

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           Find A New Way Home-To Yourself- SoulCollage

           Sally Brucker LCSW, ATR-BC- , Soul Collage Facilitator



Council Card Sally Brucker 2015

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Friday June 19th – 7pm-9 pm

Saturday June 20th -9am-4 pm

With Sally Brucker ATR-BC, LCAT, LCSW, Soul Collage Facilitator –

On Facebook-The Artful Ceremony

No art experience necessary! Bring your ‘soul’ and your willingness to experience a whole new way of seeing yourself. Be prepared to do some serious play and to open yourself up to exploring the many faceted ways of being you and possibilities that abound in your life.

About Me

As an artist and art therapist with many years of experience leading workshops and courses, I was thrilled to discover SoulCollage at a conference workshop. Here is a pleasurable, effective and meaningful way to learn more about our complexities, histories, dreams and relationships, so skillfully designed by Seena Frost, a former student of the Jean Houston (who I fortunately studied with myself!)

I eagerly pursued SoulCollage and went on to become a facilitator, training with the talented photographer and trainer, Catherine Anderson in Charlotte , NC with ten other students from all over the US. I am delighted and eager to share all that I learned with you, as you discover for yourself the joy of SoulCollage.

From Past Workshop Participants. 

“I feel freeer, more centered and more focused”.

“You were terrific, Sally. Keep doing this!”

“I’m buzzing and at the same I am experiencing a calm that I so need, thanks to you”

” What a beautiful, deep, dazzling and moving workshop!”


Brief Introduction to SoulCollage

Based on Jung’s model of archetypal psychological symbols, SoulCollage is a deceptively simple method of creating a unique deck of cards and then doing readings from them that tap into deep individual and universal wisdom. The techniques of SoulCollage , as developed by Seena Frost, can be learned by anyone, regardless of artistic skill or background in psychology. There is a pleasure in creating each of the cards for the four suits, as well as the other cards representing different aspects of one-self. There is no limit to the number of cards you can create on your path to self -discovery!

My Beginning Workshops

A beginning workshop in SoulCollage gives you the basic tools to create your own unique cards and to do a reading with others. At the end of the workshop, you will have a small deck of cards and an appreciation for the multiple layers of your personality and experiences in life, as experienced through a reading of your cards.

Workshop Schedule

Dates; June 19th-20th

Location: Takoma Park, MD.

Cost : $135-before June 1st, $150-, after June 1st

Pay by check to Sally Brucker

Mail to : Sally Brucker

7700 Takoma Ave

Takoma Park, MD 20912

Include your name, address and email- You will be sent a reguistration form and brief questionnaire.

Refund policy- Full refund up to June 1st. No refunds, after June 1st, but credit to attend another future workshop (unlimited time frame) given.

Workshop is limited to 10 participants. Early registration is recommended. Sally Brucker has the right to cancel a workshop due to insufficient registrations.

Please Bring

Please bring a brown- bag lunch, on Saturday.

Cards you may have made, prior to the workshop

What is Included

A bibliography and links to printable handouts will be provided once you register for the class.

10 cards, and all other art supplies.

Tea and cold drinks, as well as snacks

Workshop Schedule

Friday evening 7:00- 9 :00pm

Introduction and overview, of the history, theory and practice of SoulCollage, including the 4 suits, the transpersonal cards, the ‘Neters’, brief guided imagery.

Saturday- 9:30 am -4:00 pm

Morning session-

9:00-9:30 am- Informal greeting and tea and snacks

9:30- 10:30- Opening ritual

10:30- 12:30 pm Card materials and card making

Lunch –12:30-1:30-You may continue making cards during this time

Afternoon Session

1:30- 3:00- Readings

3:-3:30- Feedback

3:30-4:00 pm- Closing Ritual

For much information go to the SoulCollage


CEU credit for art therapists approved

Celebrating the Wise Woman Within-Reflections from the Retreat

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Celebrating the Wise Woman Within-Reflections from the Retreat
These incredible women shared their life stories and participated int he first annual Wise Woman Retreat on the Chesapeake Bay, last week-end

Newly Crowned Queens, having completed the Wise Woman workshop at Royal Oak, Md

The Wise Woman Retreat was celebrated this past week-end by eight extraordinary women ranging in age from 55- 67 years of life. The balmy August weather, coupled with the tranquility and natural beauty of Broad Creek (Royal Oak, Maryland) , embraced our process with loving arms. Mostly strangers or acquaintances, we quickly let go of any social conventions that may have kept us so. Our willingness to share and participate so readily, was such a gift. There was laughter, humor, tears, and compassion as we mined the richness and complexity of our individual her-story. This was a time to take stock, to reflect, and to share as we all approached this most sacred and important of life’s passage into our ‘queen’ and  “crone’ years. 

The weekend began with a Moon Ceremony, welcoming the goddess quartet into our consciousness and paying tribute to Hecate, the goddess of the crossroads.

We created a beautiful altar of our collective lives and wisdom, a centerpiece of our past and present, as we prepared for our future.

Saturday night was the fire ceremony, where we performed a releasing ceremony and welcomed the goddess Hestia, as the sun set over the Chesapeake Bay.

On Sunday, the retreat culminated in the Wise Woman or Crowning Ceremony, with the recitations of poems, quotes, vows and the giving of gifts. A delightful feast awaited us, for our celebratory lunch.

A bit of swimming, walking, relaxing and stretching , worked it’s way into the experience.

By the time we said goodbye, many of us had found our way into each other’s hearts, as well as our own.

I look forward to hearing comments from others on this Blog, or other places.

It’s good to know that that we have such splendid company on our path of aging, growing and finding new meaning at this stage of our lives.

With gratitude and love,


August 19, 2014


Ceremonial Space

Ceremonial Space

Sacred objects,Images of our matrilineal heritage and ourselves as maidens. mothers and queens

A sampling of the delicious food we savored!

photo 2

Sacred objects,Images of our matrilineal heritage and ourselves as maidens. mothers and queens