India-How to Unfold Your Lotus

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India-How to Unfold Your Lotus

I’m just back from an artist residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts where I had the privilege and joy of creating art every day, un-interrupted . It seemed a daunting task, at first, as I had no idea what I would create and frankly, my creative juices were a bit rusty after so many years spent tending to my art therapy clients and creating opportunities for community art.

While I dearly love that work and will continue to be an art therapist, I felt it was time to focus on my own inner world. A blank piece of paper, paints, brushes and time, exactly what I had dreamed about. At first my marks were bold and broad, at times tentative. Color beaconed and the amount of choices was overwhelming.

I worried that I would muddy the work, that I had nothing to say, that what would appear on the page would be awkward, unschooled, unappealing. In other words, what I experienced was exactly what I had experienced my students and clients feeling every time they faced that blank page. How could I help myself?

There is an unspoken alchemical process (some call it the ‘muse’), that takes over when one allows ‘creative time’ to unfold, as I was gradually reminded.

The work revealed itself to me, once I allowed this process to happen. It was not what I had planned, which I had to accept, and yet it was entirely new and carried new information (insights) to me. It was a physical, mental, and meditative synergy where paint was the tool and the brush was the extension of this process. I created seven large abstract and semi-abstract paintings and I let them tell my story.

In the end I felt like a humble conduit as the images had their say and I merely witnessed this process as it unfolded.

In February, I will join three esteemed colleagues in Goa India, to watch this process unfold for the participants in our workshop, The Unfolding Lotus.

We will be immersed in the magic of the Indian culture, bathed in the sunlight and gentle landscape of Goa, as we explore our creative processes and share our work with each other.

It will be safe and transformative. I would dearly love for you to join me there. Contact me for more information.

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