We all achieve milestones in life. Some of these include: special birthdays, personal achievements, marriage, commitment and retirement.

Milestone ceremonies help us to deeply acknowledge our change of status without and within. They bind us to our values, beliefs, hopes and ideals in an ever-changing world. They help us to acknowledge the past and to move confidently into the future.

Weddings/Commitment/Re-Commitment. Ceremonies that celebrate the love and commitment of couples are among the most joyful of all. Standing together on your special day, in the presence of family and friends representing your past, present and future can be an incredible experience. How you share your vows and tell your story on this day is important. I will work with you every step of the way to create a meaningful, personal and beautiful ceremony.

Leaving Home/Coming Home. If ‘home is where the heart is’ then the process of leaving and coming holds great meaning. For many, leaving home and coming home can be both exciting and stressful. Sorting out the symbolism of home as a vessel of the heart, can be a rich experience and can go a long way in helping to ground us in this major life transition. These ceremonies are done in the home and often include purifying rooms and bringing family stories and objects to create meaning. Special foods are important components of these ceremonies, too.

Retirement/Moving On. Some people describe retirement parties as ‘funerals that you get to attend’, while others tend to avoid then altogether. Retirement can be an important rite-of-passage, considering how much of our time we spend working in our lives. A retirement ceremony is an opportunity to be mindful and thoughtful about this big change and what it signifies. Many people report feeling a tremendous sense of accomplishment and gratification, having co-created this type of ceremony.

Wise Women (Men)/Coming-of-Age. What if, instead of dreading and worrying about getting older, there was a way, in our culture that aging was valued and prized?  A Coming-of-Age ceremony, which celebrates the struggles, accomplishments, challenges and gifts of growing older, can go a long way in accomplishing this. These ceremonies can be done for individuals and groups and can be performed for families or larger communities.

Coming-Out. For adults, coming-out ceremonies are a major rite-of-passage, empowering, transforming and celebrating, with dignity and strength. Telling your story and stepping proudly into your life is a true milestone event.