Services Provided & What to Expect



We begin with a one-hour, free consultation. This is an opportunity to get acquainted and to go over the details of the process of creating and performing your ceremony. There is absolutely no obligation or fee for this.

If you do decide to utilize my services, we will proceed to the next phase, which is a detailed questionnaire. After I receive the completed questionnaire, I will then draft your ceremony. Your ceremony will be unique to you but will also have the benefit of a vast library of readings, music and rituals, that I have learned.

You will receive the first draft of the ceremony, make any corrections and confer with me via email or phone. I will then draft the second version of the ceremony and submit back to you for your approval.

The ceremony will be considered complete, only when you approve it. It will be performed as scripted on the day of your ceremony.

On the day of your event, I will arrive early and be prepared to conduct your beautiful ceremony. (In the case of weddings, a rehearsal will be added).


Fees are determined by the length and complexity of the ceremony and are usually determined after the initial consultation.

Creating a one-of-a-kind ceremony takes from about one to three weeks. My fees are inclusive of all contacts, revisions, meetings, writing time and performing the actual ceremony. Also included, is a beautiful keepsake copy of your ceremony.