The Artful Ceremony

 About- The Artful Ceremony


The Artful ceremony is dedicated to creating non-denominational, collaborative ,one-of-a-kind personalized ceremonies for children and adults, across the life span.

Throughout life, we cross many thresholds. Birth, graduation, marriage, and parenthood are a few that come to mind.

Others might include starting a family through birthing, foster-parenting or adoption, coming-out, coming-of-age, moving, leaving home, and milestone birthdays.

Difficult times of life, such as death of a loved one, illness, loss and trauma are also threshold moments.

These moments call upon us to step into a new way of being, with ourselves and with others.

During these times, the need for community and the need for ceremony often arise. It is a way to mark these moments in our lives, to contain the feelings, and to acknowledge the importance of continuing care and support of our communities of families and friends.

An artful ceremony weaves together your personal story, your rite of passage with words, music, symbols and art.